Matty V.

Birth date and place: September 19th. New Bedford, MA
Marital Status:   Married
Children:  Not yet
Where were you before WSTL Radio? Meals-On-Wheels truck driver.
Pets: No, but petting zoos are fun.
If I had a different job, I’d be a:  Music Producer
The four guests at my fantasy dinner party would be: Ravi Zacharias, William Lang Craig, Jason and Ronnie Martin

Hobbies:  I compose music… and enjoy partaking of culinary wonders.
Favorite Color:  Forest Green
Favorite Scent:  Coffee and Leather
The last book I last read was:  The Little Prince (may be a kids book, but, boy is it deep)

I wish I could:  No need for wishes; if there is something I truly desire to do, I’ll take it up with God and see what He says.
Nobody knows that I:  Sharing that would defeat the (Nobody) portion of that statement.
I drive a:  car; thank God I have a car so I can commute as much as I do!
My favorite restaurant:  This is an impossible sentence to finish, but if I went by how frequently I visit the restaurant it would be “from the Seoul” in Dartmouth, MA. Love Korean food!

Movies:  High and Low (and anything else by Akira Kurosawa). Nacho Libre, Toy Story Series, Howl’s Moving Castle.
Actors: Not big on any specific actors, but have to tip the hat to Toshiro Mifune (refer to High and Low)
TV Shows:  Cops (no joke), Man vs. Food (makes me hungry, though), Hoarders (also makes me hungry… ha!) 
Candy Bars: Eh, not big on candy bars, but I suppose Snickers will do.
Music:  Andrae Crouch (obviously), Starflyer 59, Joy Electric, Matt Maher, Jars of Clay
My ideal vacation is: Japan or South Korea

Board Games:  Dominion… (greatest game I’ve ever played) and also big props to Go (oldest board game in history)
Outdoor activity:  Geocaching!

Favorite Baseball, Football, Basketball teams: Yankees, Patriots, and have no interest in Basketball.

I am happiest when: Being with my significant other.