WSTL Radio’s PSA Qualifications/Criteria:


What is a PSA (Public Service Announcement)?

A PSA is an on air announcement of which no fee nor rate is suggested nor requested by WSTL Radio of the host or sponsor to the air the announcement.


What Event and/or Community Service qualify for a PSA?

The Event/Community Service must be open to the public/community. The Event/Community Service must be no admission and/or no charge for the service.


Examples of Events/Community Service are as follows:

Event: Concerts/Conference/Free admission to Children’s Museums /Zoos, etc.

Community Service: Ear Exams/Coat Drives/Food Drives/Soup Kitchens, etc.


Three requirements to request a PSA:

1.     All requests must be submitted 30 days before event.

2.     Requests must be submitted from Chairperson /CEO/President/Senior Pastor   of the ministry and/or company, and on ministry/company letterhead.

3.     A copy of the Event/Community Service flyer.


Submit the requested documents and information via the following:

Fax: 508-343-2159.
Mail: WSTL Radio, 95 Sagamore Road, Seekonk, MA 02771